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Dear colleagues and visitors of the Internet site of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union!

For over three years the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union in Minsk has been administering international justice.

The objective of the Court is to ensure uniform application by the Member States and bodies of the Union of the Treaty on the EAEU, international treaties within the Union, international treaties of the Union with a third party and decisions of the bodies of the Union.

The Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the level of heads of states had formed the first composition of the Court, which includes two judges from each Member State of the Union:

from the Republic of Armenia – Airiyan Erna Vladimirovna, Tumanyan Armen Eduardovich;

from the Republic of Belarus – Kolos Denis Georgievich, Fedortsov Alexander Adamovich;

from the Republic of Kazakhstan – Baishev Zholymbet Nurakhmetovich, Seitimova Venera Khamitovna;

from the Kyrgyz Republic – Azhibraimova Aizhamal Musuratbekovna, Skripkina Galina Anatolievna;

from the Russian Federation – Neshataeva Tatiana Nikolaevna, Chaika Konstantin Leontievich.

The past period is characterized by an increase in the number of applications received, reflecting the relevance of the Court having regard to its jurisdiction.

Not only Member States, but also economic entities of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine submitted applications to the Court. The applications of entrepreneurs related to issues of customs and tariff regulations, anti-dumping, classification of goods for customs purposes, indirect taxation, the responsibility of the customs declarant, monitoring of implementation of international treaties by the Eurasian Economic Commission, the legality of its decisions.

In the judgements delivered the Court guided by the principles of the integration association has developed fundamental approaches to the establishing within the Union of a single market for goods, services, capital, as well as for the observance of the principles of market economy and fair competition.

Today, the judges and the Administration of the Court have a difficult and challenging task to strengthen and develop an independent, professional and objective judicial body of the Eurasian Economic Union.

I am confident that as a result of the joint efforts the Court’s activities will become a key to the development of the Eurasian Economic Union and will contribute to the improvement of the law of the Union and to the strengthening of the integration process.

President of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union

Zholymbet N. Baishev